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North Tyneside Council Implement Data Solution

North Tyneside Council has taken innovative steps to implement remote technology and software that provides the local authority with digital data, to impact positively on both their compliance and efforts in reducing carbon emissions.

Capital Programme and Asset Manager at the council, Dylan Kelly, has been working with shineVision to implement GUARDIAN®. The system, which North Tyneside Council has installed into North Tyneside Business Centre and the nursery attached to it in North Shields to monitor its water system, fits within shineVision’s shineCompliance software providing a robust reporting solution. Dylan said:

“Previously we have managed our water system via on-site monitoring and regular engagement meetings, but we were facing high usage of the system, and the requirements for full site system flushing was becoming onerous. The new digital approach not only saves us water and manpower, but it also provides us with a higher intensity of accurate data.

“The move to this IoT system is aligned with the ongoing wider piece of work we are undertaking as a local authority to improve compliance and to implement digital transformation. Thanks to shineVision and GUARDIAN® we are immediately understanding our risk areas better, and benefit from having them presented in factual data.”

shineVision is an innovative software company offering a platform that centralises digital record-keeping for compliance data. The product is a strategic solution for all areas of building management that need compliance, such as fire and asbestos, as well as water systems. It is also integral in allowing seamless and reliable communication between departments and contractors, increasing safety. Lee Taylor, MD and founder, said:

“Many local authorities and housing providers are turning to shineCompliance to bring the team together in a single workflow, improving both compliance and their Net Zero efforts, especially when used in conjunction with a product like GUARDIAN®.

“North Tyneside Council has an innovative approach to its digital transformation, and they appreciate that our product helps them work smarter, not harder, so the team can focus on making a positive impact elsewhere in the organisation.”

Designed and manufactured in the North East, GUARDIAN® provides digital business improvements in a host of industries by remotely measuring temperature, pulses, humidity and air quality. Used to manage water/heating systems, assets and facility environment, it enables insight-driven decisions, identification of risk against health or performance, reduction in energy use and water waste, protection against damp and mould and provision of real-time data for compliance management.

As well as installation being easy, the local authority team has fed back that they are finding working with shineVision and GUARDIAN® straight forward with Dylan concluding:

“GUARDIAN® is very flexible as a product and the shineVision team is proving adaptable, working well with all our colleagues and customers. We are now looking forward to further benefitting from this higher intensity of accurate data and reduced carbon emissions in line with our commitment as a local authority.”

The shineVision team is passionate about digital transformation playing an essential part in supporting the golden thread that forms an impressive Building Safety Case. Centralising digital record-keeping for compliance data, and using IoT systems to monitor and measure, assists organisations follow The Golden Thread as set out by the Buildings Regulations Authority quickly and seamlessly. shineCompliance is unique due to its usability, flexibility and ability to verify data before it enters the software. Lee concluded:

“Compliance is taking on a heightened importance everyday with increased legislation and due to a greater awareness of social and environmental issues. Our core product provides all of the features needed in a modern compliance solution, but its ability to be customised to each customer’s requirements is what makes it so powerful.”

For an initial conversation on how shineVision can help your organisation, contact Lee Taylor on


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