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Digital compliance – what does it mean to you?

Being compliant means the same thing whatever your organisation is. But what you have to be compliant in will differ from sector to sector. Either way compliance has traditionally been an onerous manual job, open to failure due to the errors of humans and / or malfunction of equipment.

There has never been a stronger case, during this era of digital transformation and of human vulnerability, to take your data collection method online and digital.

Here Lee Taylor, MD and founder of shineVision, tells us about shineCompliance and how compliance can be quickly acknowledged as the important subject it is whilst also becoming less of a chore:

“Papers everywhere, files and reports in computer folders, missing texts, emails and logs…. Sound familiar? People calling in sick, lack of funds for essential work, poor filing systems or ignorance of legislation from the wrong people having to do the wrong jobs?

“Compliance is and always has been one of the biggest headaches of running businesses and buildings.

“We are all aware of incidents in the media when that compliance is negligent including tower blocks burning, gas explosions, cases of legionella in hospitals and of course, the recent report by a watchdog that around 700,000 children in England are attending schools that put them at risk.

“This simply is not good enough.

“To know that every day we and our loved ones enter buildings that could endanger our wellbeing or life is not a world we should have to live in. As humans we make choices and are responsible for each other with every decision we make, but in modern society we also have the luxury and convenience of automation, AI and digital support to help us do the best job we possibly can.

“At shineVision we specialise in the capture, storage and reporting of compliance data for building regulations, reducing multi-risks across a range of asbestos, fire, gas and water compliance. Working across many sectors, shineCompliance is designed to meet the needs of each client, integrating the compliance efforts of people, process and technology.

“We also partner with companies who bring IoT for remote monitoring and measuring, giving reliable and continual, factual data.

“We maximise your budget, protect your organisation, support your people, safeguard your data, control your resources and manage your risk. What is not worth exploring?.”

For an initial conversation on how shineVision can help your organisation, contact Lee Taylor on


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