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Collaboration supporting the golden thread of compliance data

One area which the social housing sector is currently tackling head-on is centralising digital record-keeping of compliance data. Our software shineCompliance offers a solution.

The golden thread, as set out by the Buildings Regulations Authority, may well have its own working group for the theory, but on the ground and in practice, how is that translating and assisting providers with their building safety case journey?

Matthew Curran, Head of Health and Safety, Growth, Planning and Housing for Westminster City Council contracted shineVision to utilise their shineCompliance software to validate multiple streams of contaminated compliance data, which were in both digital and electronic format from years of previous support from various consultants and contractors.

Matthew said, “shineCompliance contains a range of tools which allows us to align all of our data and build a 360 view of our property compliance, achieving our golden thread objectives. It made me realise that life was pretty bleak before shineCompliance.

Matthew’s faith in the software’s ability to prepare the team and the organisation for the Building Safety Case is now proving correct on a daily basis. He continued: “shineCompliance is exciting and its pioneering approach to supporting our Building Safety Case is refreshing and brilliantly simple. In a world where we have to work smarter, not harder, shineCompliance allows the team to focus on what is important and make a positive impact. I whole heartedly recommend shineCompliance as a solution to any social housing provider who wants to effectively manage property compliance.”


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